Genealogy by Childs

Looking for persons that may have lived in Henniker, New Hampshire?

We offer the list of names below to begin your search. These are names of persons who lived in Henniker, or whose descendants lived in Henniker, and are in an unpublished genealogy prepared by Francis Lane Childs.

The Childs genealogy is a collection of Henniker families genealogies that are housed by the Henniker Historical Society at Academy Hall. If you find a name that you would like more information about, please contact us by mail, e-mail or visit us at the Society in Henniker. We are willing to copy the related pages and send them to you. They cannot be e-mailed at this time, so be sure to send us your postal address. We will verify that the person you are looking for is actually a descendant of the person listed if you are not sure.

The names listed here are the names of the earliest family ancestor of the person who lived in Henniker that Mr. Childs was able to document. If he could not do a family genealogy, he just tells us something about the Henniker resident. He also tells wonderful personal stories about many of the people.

We ask that you reimburse us at the rate of 25 cents a page plus postage and a minimum $10.00 research fee, as we are a small society that relies solely on donations to run all our volunteer operations. Some families have extensive genealogies and some have very little. If you would like to know how many pages we have on a particular family, we will be happy to let you know.

Happy searching!

We have information on many other families that are not in this list. If you believe that a family was ever in Henniker, although not on this list, please contact us. For addresses etc, see General information.

Abbot, George
Abbot, Thomas
Abbott, Alonzo
Abbott, Clarissa
Abbott, Ephraim
Abbott, Hattie R.
Abbott, Henry M.
Abbott, William
Adams, Benjamin
Adams, Israel
Adams, James Frederick
Adams, Matthew, Dr.
Adams, Robert
Adams, William
Adsit, John W.
Aiken, James
Albee, Horace
Albin, William
Aldridge, Aaron
Alexander, Charles Henry
Alexander, Lester, E., Rev.
Alexander, Mr.
Alexander, Philip
Allaire, Alfred
Allard, Simon
Allen, Clarence
Allen, David
Allen, Harvey
Allen, John
Allen, Malachi
Allen, Mildred J.
Allen, Minerva Seely
Allen, Oscar H.
Allen, Rachel
Alley, Hugh
Alley, Richard C.
Allison, R. Clinton
Amber, John H.
Ames, Lorenzo
Ames, Sarah
Amsden, Charles H.
Amsden, Isaac
Anderson, Anna Mae
Anderson, Joseph
Anderson, Nathan
Andrews, Arnold
Andrews, Benjamin
Andrews, Charles
Andrews, John
Andrews, Joseph
Andrews, Joseph, Capt.
Andrews, Thomas
Angell, Clarence L.
Annis, Charles A.
Annis, Franklin Pierce
Archer, Michael
Armstrong, Edgar B.
Armstrong, George Frank
Armstrong, James L.
Arnold, George
Arnold, Joseph
Arnos, George Peter
Ashby, John
Ashford, Duncan?
Ashton, William
Astles, Gilbert
Atherton, Matthew
Atkins, Joel
Atkinson, Lois
Atkinson, Thomas
Atwood, George W.
Atwood, Harman
Atwood, Jonathan, Col.
Atwood, Reuel
Aucoin, Henry Damase
Austin, Benjamin
Ayer, Aurora
Ayer, John
Ayers, Charles L.
Bacon, Michael
Badger, Giles
Bagley, Joel
Bagley, Jonathan
Bailey, Abigail, Mrs.
Bailey, Albert W.
Bailey, Chester
Bailey, Clifton J.
Bailey, Frank W.
Bailey, Herbert A.
Bailey, Herbert R.
Bailey, John
Bailey, Joseph
Bailey, Shubael
Baine, Edward O.
Baker, Abel
Baker, George W.
Baker, John
Baker, Luke
Baker, Michael
Baker, Samuel A.
Baker, William
Balch, John
Balcom, Frederic Alberto, Rev.
Baldwin, Franklin C.
Baldwin, Frederick L.
Ball, George
Ballard, William Samuel
Ballou, Leland Burton
Bancroft, Andrew
Bancroft, Winthrop W.
Banfield, Susan
Barber, Emmett Victor
Barber, George Lynn
Bariteau, Aime
Barker, Daniel
Barker, Ezra
Barker, G. Colby
Barker, Richard
Barnard, Emma P.
Barnard, Ezra
Barnard, Lettice
Barnard, Mildred
Barnard, Thomas
Barnard, Urana
Barnes, John
Barnes, Thomas
Barnes, Willie
Barr, James
Barrett, Callie M.
Barrett, Gaius
Barrett, George Fred
Barrett, Harry E.
Barrington, Edward
Barrows, David
Barry, F. L.
Bartlett, Hazen
Bartlett, Luther
Bartlett, Samuel
Bartlett, Seth
Bartlett, Stella G.
Barton, Charles
Barton, Clarence O.
Barton, Ellen Clark
Bartz, Robert K.
Basford, Jacob
Bassett, Albert E.
Bassett, Dorothy
Bassett, Louis L.
Bates, Rudolf
Bauer, John L.
Beaman, Alexander
Bean, George E.
Bean, John (2)
Bean, Jonathan
Bean, Russell Merrill
Bean, Samuel
Bean, Vital A.
Beane, Gerald Edgar
Beard, Andrew
Beard, Asa
Beard, Cleveland
Beard, Luella
Beard, Samuel
Beard, Seldon
Beck, Eugene M.
Bedel, Milo
Bedleau, Fred
Beede, George H.
Behosan, Clara (aka Polly Peters)
Belair, Joseph
Bell, Hugh
Bell, William
Beltzung, Henri C.
Bemain, George
Bennett, Ezra S.
Bennett, John C.
Bennett, Simon
Benoit, George
Berg, John
Bergh, Warren Ernest
Berglund, Albert Victor
Berry, Frank W.
Berry, Nathaniel
Bettinson, Edgar K.
Betton, Daniel
Bickford, Daniel
Billings, Bernice M.
Billings, Robert M.
Bills, Arthur A.
Birch, Thomas
Bishop, Jewett
Bishopric, Mark
Blackey, Augustus
Blackledge, Joseph, Rev.
Blackwood, John P.
Blair, Celia
Blair, Charles
Blair, Heman
Blaisdell, David
Blaisdell, Ralph
Blanchard, Fred C.
Blanchard, Samuel
Blanchard, Thomas
Blanchette, Joseph
Blodgett, James M.
Blodgett, Orson H.
Blood, Thomas
Boardman, Andrew
Boardman, Ervin
Bochert, Gustave A.
Boody, Zachariah
Boomhower, William P.
Bordeau, Edward
Boston, Richard
Bosworth, Anna O.
Bouchard, Leon (Lionel)
Boucher, George A.
Boucher, Herbert
Bourassau, Eva
Bourassau, Julia
Bourgogne, Cora
Bourgogne, Mabel
Bourgogne, Vangie
Bourgogne, Wilfred
Boutelle, Herman
Bouton, John
Bowden, Raymond Ernest
Bowen, Francis Henry
Bowen, Isaac
Bowers, Albert W.
Bowers, Darius
Bowers, Samuel O., Dr.
Bowles, Benson
Bowley, John
Bowman, James
Bowman, Joseph
Bowman, Nathaniel
Bowser, _____
Boyce (Boyes), Joseph
Boyd, Frank J.
Boynton, Samuel C.
Boynton, William
Braasch, Jacob
Brackett, William
Bracy, R. Jerome
Bradford, Robert
Bradish, Caesar
Brady, Charles H.
Brady, John
Bragg, Eleanor
Bramble, Lucretia
Brandt, Aimo
Brant, Annie S.
Breed, Allen
Brenner, Julia M.
Bresnahan, Patrick
Brewer, Elvira
Brewer, Francis B.
Brewer, Mary
Brewster, Charles H.
Brigham, Azel Parkhurst, Rev.
Brigham, Charles
Brill, David
Brock, Allen T.
Brockway, F.C.
Broderick, James
Broderick, Patrick
Brooks, Augustus B.
Brooks, Charles A.
Brooks, Henry
Brooks, Seth
Brooks, Thomas, Capt.
Brooks, William
Brown, Aaron L.
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Calvin
Brown, Charles
Brown, Elizabeth M.
Brown, Enoch (2)
Brown, Francis B.
Brown, Frank
Brown, Harold Andrew
Brown, James
Brown, John (5)
Brown, John B.
Brown, John H.
Brown, Jonathan
Brown, Mark
Brown, Moses
Brown, Peter O.
Brown, Robert Daniel
Brown, Roswell
Brown, Roy L.
Brown, Samuel (2)
Brown, Thomas (3)
Brown, Walter
Brown, Warren (or Walter) C.
Brown, Warren W.
Browne, Jay Calwyn
Browne, Thomas
Brownrigg, John
Bruce, John Ward
Bruce, Nathaniel
Bryant, John
Buchanan, Edwin Elmer
Buckley, Frank Thomas
Buckley, James
Buckman, Edwin
Buckman, Herbert S.
Bullard, Henry G.
Bullis, John L.
Bullock, George W.
Bumford, George H.
Bunnell, Lucius
Burbank, Gilbert
Burbank, Jonathan
Burgess, William F.
Burke, Roland
Burnham, Charles A.
Burnham, Edwin P.
Burnham, George W.
Burnham, Stephen
Burns, Dick Ezra, Rev.
Burns, James
Burns, John
Burpee, Jeremiah
Burpee, Thomas
Burton, Amos
Burtt, Thomas
Bushnell, Almon Woodford
Buss, Joseph D.
Bussiere, Edmond Joseph
Buswell, Sarah
Butler, Bela
Butler, Edward I.
Butler, Elijah, Dr.
Butler, Francis E., Rev. Fr.
Butler, George William
Butler, Josiah
Butler, Lawrence W.
Butman, Christopher H.
Buxton, Anthony
Byers, Eldon David
Byron (Bero), Louis
Caldwell, Edward J.
Caldwell, William
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Daniel
Carey, James E.
Carnes, James
Carter, Charles F.
Carter, Dascomb
Carter, Ellie, Mrs.
Carter, Everdene
Carter, Ezekiel
Carter, James
Carter, Jonathan
Carter, Joseph
Carter, Ovid
Carter, Thomas
Carter, Thomas, Rev.
Cate, Nathan
Center, Jane A.
Chadwick, John
Chambers, Olive
Chambers, William
Champaigne, Albert
Chandler, Thomas
Chandler, William
Chapin, Lorenzo B.
Chappell, Fred
Chase, Aquila
Chase, Dudley
Chase, Jacob
Chase, Moses
Chase, Thomas
Cheney, Abby A.
Cheney, John
Cheney, Peter
Cheney, Samuel
Chesborough, S.F.
Chesborough, Walter A.
Chesmore, Daniel
Choate, John
Choate, Thomas
Choate, William Pearson
Church, John (aka Hogg, John)
Church, Joshua (aka Hogg, Joshua)
Church, Charles (aka Hogg, Charles)
Cilley, Robert Seely, Capt.
Clapp, Chester M.
Clark, Edward C.
Clark, Emma Elizabeth
Clark, Ernest E.
Clark, George S.
Clark, Henry
Clark, Leon H.
Clark, N.S.
Clark, Robert I.
Clark, Robert J.
Clark, Wilbur L.
Clement, Fred
Cochrane, John W.
Cogswell, Nathaniel
Cogswell, Robert
Colby, Anthony
Colby, Benjamin
Colby, Eliphalet
Cole, George
Cole, Isaac
Coleman, William F.
Colon, John H.
Colton, Lillie E., Mrs.
Comstock, Sherman R.
Cooledge, Charles W., Jr.
Coombs, John Lewin
Cooper, Leon O.
Corso, Panfilo
Cote, Gilbert
Cote, Joseph D.
Cotton, Nathaniel
Coupal, Samuel
Cross, Perley
Cummings, Adin M.
Currier, Frank
Currier, Frank George
Currier, Richard (2)
Currier, Samuel C.
Cushing, Willis C.
Damour, Joseph H.
Dana, Daniel (aka Hogg, Daniel)
Dana, Elijah (aka Hogg, Elijah)
Dana, Enoch (aka Hogg, Enoch)
Dana, Samuel (aka Hogg, Samuel)
Danforth, John
Daniels, James
Daniels, Joseph
Daniels, Louis
Daniels, Richard H.
Daniels, William P.
Davis, Thomas, Elder
Davison, George H.
Day, Alonzo Gilman
Denio, Thomas E.
Dennis, William H.
Derby, Dana A.
DeWolf, George E.
Dimmick, Ansel F.
Doon, James William
Douglass, Daniel
Drew, George Frank
Drew, James
Drew, William D.
Dudley, Thomas L.
Duefield, Edna
Dufer, Abraham
Dufer, Asa Dunbar
Dufer, David
Dunlap, Alexander
Dunlap, Archibald
Dunlap, John
Dunlap, Whitefield
Durant, John
Duston, Caleb
Duston, Thomas (2)
Dyer, James S.
Eager, Asa
Eager, Lydia
Eager, William
Eastman, Enoch
Eastman, Ezra
Eastman, John
Eastman, Jonathan
Eastman, Joseph
Eastman, Roger
Eastman, Samuel
Eastman, Timothy
Eastman, Zechariah
Edwards, Benjamin
Edwards, Charles Ralph
Edwards, Hazel O.
Eldredge, John J.
Elliott, Edson E.
Ennis, Joseph E.
Ernest, Benjamin
Evans, Oscar Clark
Falvey, John H.
Farrar, Isaac
Farrell, Edwin P.
Favor, John
Fellows, Samuel
Ferrin, Hamilton E.
Ferrin, Warren
Fitts, Edith E.
Flanders, Calvin
Flanders, Ezekiel
Flanders, Joseph
Flanders, Levi
Flanders, Philip
Flanders, Phinehas
Flanders, Stephen (2)
Flanders, Zebulon
Flint, Henry P.
Folsom(Smith), John
Folsom, Abraham
Folsom, John (2)
Folsom, Peter
Forsberg, Andrew A.
Foster, Zebulon
Frazier (Farizel), James
Frazier, Caleb
Frazier, Daniel
Frazier, Sarah W., Mrs.
French, Ernest E.
French, James
French, Weston G.
Fruean, William F.
Gage, Silas Gilbert
Gagne, Ephrem
Gagne, Louis
Gagnon, Eugene
Gale, Eliphalet
Gammell, John
Gardner, Joseph
Garvin, Arthur O.
Gately, Patrick Joseph
Gates, Isaac
Gelineau, Israel
George, Estella Augusta
George, Rodney
George, William
Gerry, Thomas H.
Gibson, Edward J.
Gibson, Mike T.
Gibson, Thaddeus
Giddings, John
Gilchrist, Robert
Gile(Gild, Gill, Guild), Samuel
Glover, Joseph
Gonier, Joseph J.
Goodwin, David
Gordon, Abel
Gordon, Harrison (Harry) Asa
Gordon, William, Capt.
Gorman, Joseph P.
Gorman, Michael
Goss, Ephraim (2)
Gould, Amos
Gould, Asa
Gould, Francis Henry
Gove, Samuel
Gray, Charles E.
Greenleaf, Eben S.
Gregg, David W.
Griffin, Frank L.
Grinnell, James
Gutterson, William
Hackett, Fred M.
Hackett, George, Dr.
Hackett, Thomas
Hadley, Carroll C.
Hadley, George
Hall, Ebenezer
Hall, George A.
Hall, James
Hall, John Arthur
Hall, William W.
Hallowell, Emma M.
Hannaford, James M.
Hanson, Forrest E.
Hardy, Ernest B.
Hardy, Thomas Jefferon
Harmon, Addison G.
Harriman, Asa
Harriman, Elroy W.
Harriman, Leonard
Harriman, Manoah
Harriman, Robert
Harvey, James George
Haskell, Jeremiah
Haskell, Richard
Haskell, William
Hastings, Clarence V.
Hatch, Cecil E.
Hatch, Joseph Kendall
Hayes, John T.
Hayes, Zebedee, Dea.
Haynes, Joshua C.
Heath, David S.
Heath, Hannah
Heath, Kasiah
Heath, Samuel B.
Heath, Thomas F.
Hedding, Edwin S.
Herrick, Charles
Herron, James B.
Heselton, George
Higgins, Albert F.
Hildreth, James
Hildreth, Richard
Hill, Ralph
Hills, Joseph
Hoague, Walter E.
Hodge, Joseph (aka Hogg, Joseph)
Hoffman, Henry
Hogg, Charles (aka Church, Charles)
Hogg, Daniel (aka Dana, Daniel)
Hogg, Elijah (aka Dana, Elijah)
Hogg, Enoch (aka Dana, Enoch)
Hogg, Follansbee (aka Woodbury, Follansbee)
Hogg, Hugh (aka Moore, Hugh)
Hogg, James (aka Moore, James)
Hogg, James (aka Prentiss, James)
Hogg, James (aka Wilder, James)
Hogg, John
Hogg, John (aka Church, John)
Hogg, John (aka Raymond, John)
Hogg, John (aka Prentiss, John)
Hogg, John (aka Tennant, John)
Hogg, John (aka Woodbury, John)
Hogg, Joseph (aka Hodge, Joseph)
Hogg, Joseph (aka Wilder, Joseph)
Hogg, Joshua (aka Church, Joshua)
Hogg, Moses (aka Tennant, Moses)
Hogg, Robert (aka Huntley, Robert)
Hogg, Robert (aka Johnson, Robert)
Hogg, Robert (aka Tennant, Robert)
Hogg, Samuel, (aka Dana, Samuel)
Hogg, Simpson (aka Wilder, Simpson)
Hogg, Thomas (aka Moore, Thomas)
Hogg, William (aka Moore, William)
Hogg, William (aka Prentiss, William)
Hogg, William (aka Wilder, William)
Hogg, Samuel (aka Prentiss, Samuel)
Hogg, Samuel (aka Shepherd, Samuel)
Hoitt, Charles A.
Hollis, Lyman E.
Holmes, Enoch
Holmes, George
Homo, Joseph O.
Hooper, Thomas M.
Horton, Oscar L.
Houghton, Ernest
Howe, John
Howlett, Thomas, Ens.
Hoxie, Fred C.
Hoyt (Haight, Hight), John, Sgt.
Hoyt, Aaron
Hoyt, Addie E.
Hoyt, Alfred
Hoyt, Benjamin
Hoyt, Edward F.
Hoyt, Elbridge
Hoyt, George K.
Hoyt, James M.
Hoyt, John, Sgt.
Hoyt, Nicholas F.
Hubbard, William C.
Hudson, John G.
Huntley, Robert (aka Hogg, Robert)
Huntoon, Philip
Hurd, Nelson
Huse, Moses
Hutchinson, Alonzo D.
Hutchinson, Eugene O.
Hutchinson, Lester Wheeler
Ingalls, Edward O.
Ingersoll, Alvin M.
Israel, Max
Jackman, James
Jackman, Moses
Jackman, Noah
Jameson, John
Janes, William H.
Jarvis, Louis
Johnson, Leonard W.
Johnson, Robert (aka Hogg, Robert)
Jones, Clarissa
Jones, Ephraim
Jones, Frank M.
Jones, George
Jones, George H.
Jones, Jacob
Jones, Lydia
Jones, Mary E.
Jones, Melissa A.
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Susanna
Joslyn, Nathaniel
Judd, Bertram Pritchard, Rev.
Karcher, William
Keddy, James W.
Kemp, James
Kemp, Samuel
Kennedy, David
Keyes, Atwood B.
Keyes, Columbus F.
Kilpatrick, Archibald
Kimball, Samuel
King, Edward J.
Kinsley, Dexter S.
Kirschbaum, Franklin Nye
Klien, George W.
Knapton, William B.
Knowlton, Charles G.
Labier, Nelson
Labonta, Joseph H.
LaDrew, Donald Charles
LaFay, Eugene
Lane, Richard
Law, Lyman
Lawrence, Edwin Bartlett
Leaf, Frank Forrest
Leavitt, Fred A.
LeCain, Edwin Larkin
Leclair, Frederick G.
Leclair, James
Leclair, Victor
LeMay, Onesime
Leslie, James, Rev.
Libby, Fred S.
Lincoln, Fred E.
Lincoln, Fred H.
Littlefield, William H.
Livingston (Levistone), John
Locke, Durbon
Long, Charles F.
Long, Patrick J.
Longway, David
Longway, John Peter
Lovell, Clinton
Lowe, James
Lowell, Hannah M.
Lowell, Lizzie M.
Lowell, Sally
Luscomb, J. S.
Lux, Louis
Lyford, Joseph Dallis
Lyna, Howard N.
Lyna, James H.
MacPhee, Edwin James
Magee, Cortus W.
Maguire, Willard Filimore
Major, William James
Mansfield, Samuel
Marsh, John
Martin, Herbert E.
Martin, Jonathan
Matthews, Heman
Matthews, Norman
McAllister, George Riley
McAlpine, George
McGuire, Herman J.
McKellips, David
McLean, George R.
McLean, Harvey D.
McLucas, George, Rev.
Meade, George Frank
Merrick, William
Milton, see Stone
Moody, Moses
Moody, Wilton H.
Moore, George H.
Moore, Hugh (aka Hogg, Hugh)
Moore, James (aka Hogg, James)
Moore, James, Dea.
Moore, Thomas (aka Hogg, Thomas)
Moore, William (aka Hogg, William)
Moran, George
Morrill, Abraham
Morrill, David
Morrill, Elbridge G.
Morrill, Henry C.
Morrill, Kilburn G.
Morrill, Samuel
Morrison, Iddo K.
Morrison, James
Morrison, John H.
Morrison, Samuel (2)
Morrison, William, Rev.
Morse, Anthony
Morse, Ezekiel
Morse, Frank P.
Morse, George M.
Morse, Jonathan
Morse, Joseph
Morse, Josiah
Morse, Seth
Murdough, Thomas
Muzzey, Fred A.
Muzzey, Helen M.
Muzzey, John
Muzzey, Nelson
Newhall, Stephen
Newton, H. Arthur
Newton, Nahum
Noyes, Oliver
Paige, Daniel
Paige, Ezekiel
Patterson, Daniel
Peaslee, David
Peaslee, James
Peaslee, John
Peaslee, Joseph
Peaslee, Micajah
Perkins, John
Perry, Charles
Perry, Ebenezer
Perry, George H.
Perry, George Napoleon
Perry, John
Perry, Joseph
Perry, Joseph E.
Perry, Mary P.
Perry, Owen
Peters, Polly (aka Clara Behosan)
Phillips, Ebenezer
Plumer, Francis
Plumer, Frank H.
Plummer, Francis
Pope, Burt D.
Pope, Hiram
Pope, John
Pope, Thomas (2)
Prentiss, James (aka Hogg, James)
Prentiss, John (aka Hogg, John)
Prentiss, Samuel (aka Hogg, Samuel)
Prentiss, William (aka Hogg, William)
Purington, Hezekiah
Putney (Pudney), John
Putney, Perley
Putney, Thomas
Raymond, John (aka Hogg, John)
Rice, Edmund (2)
Rice, Jacob
Rice, Joseph A.
Rice, Thomas
Rogers, John
Ross, Jesse
Sanborn, Nathan
Sanders, John
Sargent, Charles
Sargent, Ebenezer
Sargent, Elias
Sargent, Joseph
Sargent, Peter
Sargent, Philip
Sargent, Timothy
Sargent, William
Savage, George
Savage, Henry
Sawyer, Jacob Herbert
Sawyer, Samuel
Scribner, Edward
Scribner, John
Serjent, Martha
Shepherd, Samuel (Hogg, Samuel)
Spaulding, Edward
Stone (later Milton),
Stone, Henry M., Dr.
Stone, John
Stone, Samuel Milton
Stone, Thomas
Swett, Nahum B.
Tennant, John (aka Hogg, John)
Tennant, Moses (aka Hogg, Moses)
Tennant, Robert (aka Hogg, Robert)
Townsend, William
Tucker, Ezra, Lt.
Tucker, John
Tucker, Joseph S.
Tucker, Morris
Tyler, Job
Tyler, John R.
Wadsworth, Christopher
Wallace, Thomas
Ward, Josiah, Jr.
Ward, Obadiah
Ward, Samuel
Ward, Samuel, Sr.
Ward, William
Ward, William Herbert
Ward, William, Dea.
Warren, Thaddeus
Watkins, Eli P.
Watkins, Ruggles S.
Wheeler, Albert W.
Wheeler, Charles I.
Wheeler, Edgar W.
Wheeler, George
Wheeler, Horace E.
Wheeler, John (2)
Wheeler, Phineas G., Dr.
Wheeler, Preston
Whitcomb, John
Whitney, Frank M.
Whitney, Isaiah
Whitney, John
Whitney, Richard
Whittaker, Abraham
Whittaker, William
Whittemore, Peter
Whittier, Abner
Whittier, George Harris
Whittier, John
Whittier, Joseph
Whittier, Thomas (2)
Wilder, James (aka Hogg, James)
Wilder, Joseph (aka Hogg, Joseph)
Wilder, William (aka Hogg, William)
Wilder, Simpson (aka Hogg, Simpson)
Wiley (Weyley), John
Williams, William
Wiscomb, Henry
Withington, Henry
Witt, John
Wood, Jeremiah
Woodbury, John (aka Hogg, John)
Woodbury, Follansbee (aka Hogg, Follansbee)
Woods, Samuel (2)